I am a dedicated professional with a passion and love for yachting. Having identified a gap in the market 15 years ago I established Bespoke Yacht Services, with the sole purpose of delivering a personalised and tailored service to my clients. Bespoke Yacht Services is a small, intimate company aiming to exceed client’s expectations through commitment, focus and experience. I put my heart and soul into providing this and genuinely love watching my clients journey in achieving their aspirations. More than just another faceless yacht company, Bespoke Yacht Services brings personality and professionalism to yachting.

From your initial contact, you will liaise directly with me to discuss your requirements from which we will cultivate customised packages. These services may include teaching, training, captaining, consultancy, project management, mentoring or providing peace of mind.

Bespoke Yacht Services brings personality and professionalism to yachting. I have grown up on the water in Australia and boating has always been an enormous part of my life. This company has been my life’s work, so naturally, ensuring my clients receive the highest level of service is always my priority. Protecting and guiding my clients as they embark on their own new exciting dreams and adventures is exceptionally rewarding. love yachting, it is that simple.

I’m delighted that you’ve taken the time to visit my website; you’ll find information here on all the services I provide and contact details for any enquiries. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to sharing this experience with you soon.

George Girdis, Managing Director